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We are as Baldessera Machine here to serve you the potential of Turkey. We are here to meet you with the trustable manufacturer and producer. We are here to help you to meet with trustable companies and control the purchased products for loading and production procedures. We are here to follow up for you about your company works. We are here to find you of your needed products houses land with your special inquiry.


TURKEY has developed a lot of in last twenty years, and now you can have a lot of new technological products and modern designed goods according to your needs. Now it can give you very nice finished products for your customized needs. And we are here to help you to concurer this potential. You can have your needs from Turkey with our potential manufacturer links. If you want it can be for real estate, of for land, or for industrial tools or machinary. We are in your service with all potential of ours. Especially bursa is very nice for real estate. with very nice natural places you can have your houses or villas. Or there is a lot of industrial manufacturer which is supplying to the europe or other countries with high quality products. so they are also in your hand with our power. Or the machines. we have enough machine manufacturer companies. Which can help you to grow up your production line. So we are here waiting for your requirements.


Dear our valued customer, we are here to serve you the potential of Turkey.  Here you can find the needs your from turkey with our experienced helps. We are in touch with lot of companies for your industrial need.  We can assist you, communicate you with the manufacturer all time.  We can search for your needed industrial goods and supply you with this goods. We are here to open you the doors of Turkey.


All kind of machines, welding machine, cutting machines, bending machines and more...  Do you know the metal has four proses on the production. first it has to cut. its worh has gone. now the metal become rubbish.  and bending. then metal has become some how more worth.   and then welding. now the metal worth has increased double.   and painting. it is ready for use.   so you can have machines in all of this process from us.  we are here to serve you for your this kind needs. 

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